Enjoy it While You Can

Produced by The McKee Bros.

Featuring:  Ralph McKee, Denis McKee, Melissa Mei McKee, Kirk Fletcher, Larry McCray, Bobby Watson, Bobby West, Bob Schultz, Jim Alfredson, Duncan McMillan, Bob Doezema, Stan Budzynski, Jerome Edmunson, Doug Webb, Lee Thornburg, Michael Barsimanto, Rick Berthod, Reggie Gonzales, Maxayn Lewis, Sophia Hanifi, Jonathan Ovalle

www.midwestrecord.com review:

McKEE BROTHERS/Enjoy It While You Can: This one is simply going to catch you off guard and unaware. A show blues all star date, you’ve got contemporary stars here mixing it up with pros from the 60s and 70s whose chops and presence are full throttle and for real with no dust in the mix. Like the show bands from the Club Manhattan have sprung back to life, this mix of soul, funk and blues is an ear opener and a sonic tonic that gets the party started and keeps it going through the week end. Killer stuff that’s fully loaded throughout.


This was the 13 piece allstar band we tracked at Big Sky.

We were seriously lucky to have very special guest Larry McCray on six tunes, including this one.

We are lucky to have Maxayn Lewis singing on our title track “Enjoy it While You Can”.  Fun session!


I will be playing with Renee Dawson at the House of Blues, Sunset, on Friday, June 5th at 10:00 P.M. in the foundation room. $10 cover.  Very good band.